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04 April 2017 @ 01:35 am

Dear grangersnapers-

There is a new LJ Terms of Service.  I don't beleive it's going to effect our little corner of the fandom.

The new LJ terms are service are more focused on political campaigning (read that as Russian), commercial use (a business site), and controlling spam.  There are also items in the TOS where you cannot represent someone else, e.g. sock puppeting a celebrity, or other well known real people.  

The fact of the matter is those of us who post in English are probably now a minorty population on LJ.  We post fiction and fan art here, so no one at LJ Russian Headquarters should really care.

I have been on LJ for a very long time and I recall similar craziness when LJ was sold to a Russian company so many years ago.  I recall that was a bit unsettling, at that time and there was a wave shutdowns but I forget the reasons.   What is different now is the USA doesn't "control" the DNS for the internet anymore (IP domains and stuff like that), that duty was handed over to the UN in 2016.  I am not sure if that had anything to do with the new TOS.   However, internet law of the country where you are is still valid.

I am not ready to fully convert to dreamwidth, but I beleive I have a site there for GS100, as well as myself, but it's been a real long time since I went there.   But I will not do a full conversion unless the majority migrate.  So I say, hang loose and see what happens, which is probably nothing.

As for me I hated twitter so much, I deactivated my account.  I also do not like what facebook and google are doing.  LJ never took off in the USA, so oddly there is some privacy here provided you do not link your facebook-twitter-google to LJ.

Thinking kindly of all of you,


19 May 2019 @ 05:35 pm
Beltane Fire 11
Team: Death Eaters
Challenge: Spring Fever
Words: 600
Characters: Hermione Granger as the May Queen, The Goddess, Severus Snape, May King/Green Man, The God, Minerva McGonagall, Puck (as himself), and Queen Mab.
Author's Note: Bolded = God or Goddess. Italics is internal dialogue. Thanks to i_am_havelocked and too_dle_oo for their beta wisdom. It is much appreciated. Also sorry about things not going up in order. The 7-8 didn't take the first time. Cross posted to A03.

Beltane Fire 11


Time lost meaning. Severus’ world shifted upright on its axis, for she was in his arms kissing him as he’d never been kissed before.

This wasn’t the greedy kiss of a witch using him for her own satisfaction. Nor was it the cold, seductive kiss of a huntress. He was no woman’s prey.

With her kiss, this Queen demanded nothing, yet she offered everything. She caressed him with sweet lips and talented tongue, painstakingly attentive in her adoration.

He felt wanted.



Until Minerva boxed him in the ear. “Put her down!”

“Leave off, woman!” he yelped. “Gryffindor harpy.”


One moment Hermione was kissing what might be her favourite pair of lips, and the next she and her paramour were under attack. He turned away, shielding her from McGonagall.

“If you hadn’t been so busy snogging for Queen and Country, you’d have heard me calling you!”

Drat, Hermione thought. Why would Professor McGonagall interrupt now?

“Queen Mab wishes to speak with you, your Highnesses. She’s ready to depart.”

Squeezing his shoulder, Hermione whispered, “It’s alright.”

“It bloody well isn’t,” he growled.

She sighed in agreement as he set her down.

Hand in hand, they exchanged farewells with Queen Mab.


The fairy delegation disappeared one by one, transforming into streaks of white light traveling south along the leyline.

Hermione’s thoughts back gravitated to worldly concerns, such as the feel of his fingers laced with hers. Could he feel her pulse quicken?

His midnight eyes reflected the Beltane fires, smoldering. A subtle tension in his mouth warned her of Puck’s approach.

“As player and ambassador both

With honour I witnessed your oaths

Between earth, sun, and moon.

Should thou need’st a fairy boon

   You have but to knock on the earth thrice,

And I shall attend upon thee in a trice.”


Such a boon was both wonderful and dangerous in the old lore. Like the djinns’ gifts, fairy favours gifted onto mortals were never without peril.

Severus despised Puck’s laughing eyes. His shoulders relaxed with relief as the fae turned away.

Puck addressed the crowd.

“Good people, I take my leave.

But should some summer’s eve

Thy luckless hearts grieve,

Think of Robin Goodfellow and believe!

        We faeries have returned to mortal land

        Once more in fellowship we stand.”

The cheers from the crowd as Puck turned to go failed to muffle the witch. “Finally!” she muttered. “Ruddy cockblocker.”

Severus grinned.


Dread gripped Hermione as the fae swiveled to lock eyes with her.

Shit, she thought. She’d said that aloud. Shit.

Puck slowly stepped backwards toward the gate. “May you both have a long and enlightening night.” Mischief brightened his sharp-toothed grin as he winked at her in a lewd gesture.

It sharpened her awareness of how dangerous he truly was. So many pointy teeth! Somewhere in the back of her mind, she regretted not being able to show this to her dad. He’d adored comparative anatomy.

Puck sketched a mocking bow in her direction and was gone with a flash.


Severus was tempted to abscond with his Queen for some privacy. They were handfasted, an unplanned miracle. Did she understand what she’d consented to?

The circle was broken, the rite complete, and their unearthly company departed. They weren’t needed anymore.

The handle of his knife was shoved in his face, accompanied by McGonagall’s flinty glare.

“You’ve done quite enough, don’t you think?” Minerva asked, attempting to pull the witch away.

Dodging, his counterpart clung to him, her grip firm.

Reclaiming his obsidian knife, he ignored Minerva. “Are you thirsty, my Queen?”


To Severus, a sweeter word was never spoken.

19 May 2019 @ 05:23 pm

Beltane Fire 7-8
Team: Order of the Phoenix
Words: 1400
Challenge: Spring Fever
Characters: Severus Snape as Jack Green/Green Man, The God, Puck, Hermione Granger as May Queen, The Goddess, Queen Mab, Minerva McGonagall as Priestess.
Author's Note: Italics are inner dialogue. Bold italics are from the divine inner dialogue. If there are quotations about the bolded words, they were spoken aloud with the backing of the divine. Yeah. Sorry if it gets confusing. Thanks to i_am_havelocked and too_dle_oo for beta wisdom. There will be some backwards improvements as things go on. Apologies - trying not to spam the feed. :)

Beltane Fire 7


Tears sprang to her eyes, blurring the evidence of the miraculously unmarred flesh.

People cry at the strangest times, when release of intense emotion becomes overwhelming. She was healed, truly.

No scar, no curse.


“Show me.”

Calloused fingers took possession of her arm. She looked down, unable to contain a strange amalgam of sob and chortle.

“There’s nothing here.” His warm fingers spasmed about her wrist, and he barked, “Are you in pain!?”

Hermione shook her head, tears spilling messily onto her cheeks.

Lifting her eyes, she smiled broadly, trying to convey that everything was much better than alright.


The Queen lifted her face, pearls of tears slipping down her cheeks. Not long ago she had been prettily blushing for him. What calamity is this?

Half-formed, stuttering apologies died on his lips, for she smiled brighter than a Lumos Maxima.

His head swam giddily with relief. Throat tight, he croaked, “You have blessed me, my Lady. Beyond deserving.”

“I too have been blessed. Oh, you’re too wonderful!” She wrapped her arms about his chest in a heartfelt embrace.

Eardrum shattering cheers and whistles broke out.

He’d forgotten that they had an audience.

Growling, he bent and kissed her. Thoroughly.


A low, vibrating sound startled her, in alarm, she moved to step out of his embrace. Strong arms held her in place and she was struck by many things at once:

People were shouting and cheering.

He wasn’t upset that she took liberties with his person.

His lips were soft, not too wet.

His mouth tasted like spearmint toothpaste.

This wizard really knew how to kiss a witch.

He disengaged, smoothly maneuvering to avoid knocking noses.

“Alright, my Lady?” He whispered, just for her.

Hands held her tightly still, and she was glad for her knees had turned to jelly.


Nearby, McGonagall cleared her throat dryly. “If you two are quite done, we have a few more things left to do.”

Hermione dropped her forehead to the man’s chest with an embarrassed giggle before turning around without disengaging from the lean, very underdressed wizard who’d just kissed her.

If she let go, he might disappear. It was a silly worry, but he didn’t move to release her either.

The strange Priest who’d stood at the man’s shoulder reached over and presented her with the wand and a leer.

Blushing, Hermione accepted the wand, pressing a light kiss to the tip.


The erotic sight of his Queen kissing his wand set his cock twitching in enthusiastic approval.

Her own natural magic was charming as any enchantment or curse. Did she know what she did to him?

The chalice floated over to him, and the sour glare that followed made Severus want to roar with laughter. Minerva could scowl all she wanted.

Tonight, nothing would distract him.

He plucked the filled horn vessel out of the air, admiring the way it fit his hand.

He swirled the liquid to admire it’s golden viscosity. Honey mead, a fitting libation.

Luscious. Like his Queen.


“Tut tut tut, knave. First she must stir.” Puck was laughing, and while the congregated people had hushed, some still shouted lewd suggestions.

Raising his brows in amusement, safely hidden behind his mask, he lowered the chalice so she need not go up on tiptoes. His Lady was pleasingly petite.

Biting her lower lip, perhaps to hold back her own laughter, she shyly submerged the tip of his wand, twirling it about in the sunwise direction.

After withdrawing it, dripping with golden liquid, the minx raised the wand to her mouth and licked it clean.

How sorely he was tempted.


Those dark eyes watched her intently, shielded behind long black lashes.

Perhaps it was the magic of the rite or his kiss that’d made her dangerously playful.

The way he groaned as she dragged her tongue along the length of his birch wand made up her mind. She decided that she would have him; make him lose control.

There was a glint of promise in his eye as he tilted back to finish the entirety of the mead, licking the rim clean.

He looked at her as a thirsty man would a glass of water.

Drink me just like that.

Beltane Fire 8


He half listened to McGonagall grinding along in an interminable series of incantations, reinforcing with prayer what the ritual was meant to do.

This was a much better solution than reviving an archaic marriage law. Yes, magical Britain’s population was decimated, losing too many of its best and brightest by three wars in less than 100 years. That didn’t justify blatant misuse of the force of law. The Ministry needed to do better.

Severus was smug, arms full of his soft, deliciously responsive Queen.

Once the mask was off, would she forgive him for being Severus Snape?

Who was she?


Hermione Granger was not a patient witch, and this was dragging too long. She wished McGonagall would bloody get on with it.

She wanted to jump over that fire, break the circle, and then drag him off to the woods.

The Ministry had released a review of the Magical Census. There were too few people, and chances were strong that British magic was going to die out in the next century. They intended to force people to marry strangers and have children.

Over her cold, dead body!

She’d found her own wizard, although the Goddess had given her a shove.


The Queen squeaked charmingly when he hefted her up into his arms.

“Ready, my Lady?”

Wide eyed and smiling, she wrapped her arms about his neck. “Oh yes!” She was quite light; if he let go, she might float away. Lightening charm?

Heat rolled off of the huge bonfire, but there was little smoke. Across from them a shining woman waited on horseback, wavering like a mirage.

He backed up, preparing to jump. He could fly, but that would give him away.

Severus intended to woo this witch with every Slytherin wile he had.

He wanted to win her heart.


Leaping over a bonfire felt awfully risky, uncomfortably reminiscent of flying on a broomstick over fiendfyre during the Battle of Hogwarts. Uttering spells that reduced the burden of her weight, she closed her eyes and focused on her breathing.

There was no sulfuric brimstone.  

His powerful muscles wound up like a spring gathering strength beneath them. Her heart knocked about erratically in her chest as her senses strained. She was a Gryffindor.

Was the fire retardant charm effective? It wouldn’t do if he burned his feet.

Her eyes snapped open; too late to do anything but scream in terror. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


Hermione trembled in her mysterious man’s arms, clinging tightly even after they landed safely, nary a toe singed. Not trusting her voice, she leaned over and kissed her hero softly on the cheek.

McGonagall appeared at their side, hissing: “Put her down!”

The Priest bowed low to the regal lady on the white horse. “My Queen.”

Hermione was eased to the ground, where she stood wide-eyed and silent.

Her wizard swept a courtly bow. He was dignified, comfortable in his near-nakedness. “Queen Mab, you honour us.”

Minerva McGonagall curtsied stiffly, one hand covertly gesturing to Hermione. She was pointing downward.


Queen Mab. The Queen of the Fey. Real! Oh, she’s so pretty. No wonder men lose their wits.

Hermione’s brain gabbled in irrational circles.

Right, I’m supposed to curtsy like I’m meeting the Queen because I’m meeting the Queen!

Muscle memory kicked in from the seven years of ballet and tap lessons her mother forced her through. Not bad.

Although she kept her head bowed, curiosity urged her to peek through her lashes.

The fey monarch met Hermione’s gaze with a knowing smile.

“Hail Queen and King of Summer! Rejoice and be glad. Blessings will be thrice bestowed on thee.”


McGonagall crossed Hermione’s vision, her expression curiously blank as she held out a hand to the King, palm up.

“Have you a blade?”

Swiftly he produced a sheathed blade from somewhere she hadn’t noticed, slapping it into the waiting grip. McGonagall turned it tip down.

The Priest took hold of the knife’s smooth handle. In a swift movement, he pulled the knife free to reveal its irregular black edge of obsidian. She’d seen such used in the potions labs, hadn’t she?

Robin’s voice boomed. “Merry meet, Merry part, Merry meet again!” Resheathing the knife, he added, “This rite is complete.”

19 May 2019 @ 05:16 pm

Beltane Fire 9-10
Team: Death Eaters
Challenge: Spring Fever
Words: 1300
Characters: Hermione, Severus, The God and Goddess, Queen Mab, Puck, and her nibs, Minerva McGonagall.
Author Note: Catching up, can be read at A03 too. Thanks to i_am_havelocked and too_dle_oo for beta help. Bolded italics are internal dialogue with the Goddess/God. Regular italics are internal dialogue.

Beltane Fire 9


The crowd remained hushed after the circle was broken. Even the intoxicated looked on with slack-jawed awe, the rowdiest supplicants tamed by the sight of Queen Mab’s beauty.

Rise, for tonight you are me and I am you. The fae are ambassadors to our court.

As she straightened a fog lifted from Hermione’s mind. Wits sharper, she knew what she must do. “If it please you, I offer refreshment to you and your company, although we have but simple fare.”

She smiled starlight. “It pleases us.”

Hermione summoned a honey-oat cake and broke bread with the Queen of the Fae.


His Queen offered entertainment to the Fae royalty as though born to her role. He too should offer hospitality. His thoughts were slow, as though encased in treacle.

“How far have you travelled this night?”

“Underhill and over dell.” Puck’s tone suggested the answer was as plain as the smirk on his face.  “We purify the ley line as she travels its length, as you know, Wizard.”

Severus looked down, marking where the magical flow ought to run from memory. “Our fire is in your way?”

“Queen Mab shall pass through many trials tonight. We have been absent too long.”


The fae Queen’s smile as she handed back down the milk warmed Hermione’s heart. She had no fear as Mab laid a light hand over her painted brow.

“Feed your husband well, for you two have a long, wondrous night before you. May the Goddess’ blessings extend to you both for a lifetime.”

A sharp needle of self-doubt pierced her chest. She was damaged. Unworthy of such things.

“Hush. The last fire you have to jump is of your own making. Let yourself be happy.”

The Queen swiped at the single tear trailing down Hermione’s face, eyes soft with knowing.


“We must keep moving, my Queens. Alas time moves differently here.”

Queen Mab shot Puck a sharp look, one tear-stained finger straying to her lips.

“Will you jump the fire?” Severus asked, curious about the magic they employed.

Puck snorted in derision.

Nickering softly, the white steed stepped toward the fire. “To jump would disrupt our work. We walk the line.”  The Queen of the Fae sneered in obvious distaste, as though the fire was foul.

His little Summer Queen squared off with the flames, gracefully falling into a duelling stance, wand raised to strike.

Severus hastened to her side.


Hermione took to pyromancy like the littlest pig’s house to fire. She’d gravitated towards it, from the moment she first cracked open her charms text to find Bluebell flames.

The Belinus ley line, Beltane Rites and the presence of three Queens—mortal, faerie and divine—clicked. The vast potential she held within her flashed bright in her imagination.

Dare I?

The Goddess within her nodded permission. I am with you, little one.

Gathering her will, Hermione began to sing to the fire.

A baritone counterpoint wove its way about her melody, anchoring her as she passed deeper into the trance.


Who was this witch?

Severus’ magical senses shouted that the spell that she’d initiated was both unknown and dangerous.

Puck called out, “Oh, very good! I thought this knowledge lost!”

Unease grew within Severus. Swearing under his breath he observed her wand movements swaying in a hypnotic pattern.

Women are, by nature, mysterious. Unpredictable. Frustration flared along with the flames. He had to do something, but what?

The God within him answered, Lend her strength. Stay out of her way. Love her.

Lips curling up in dark amusement, Severus undertook to chant the most elaborate magical “Yes Dear,” in history.

Beltane Fire 10


Raging flames danced, curling wildly to lick at her magic as the spell she fashioned bent it to her will.

A round gate took shape within the incandescent morass, a path formed by the tongues of flame receding from the ley line.  The bonfire split in twain.

Gathering power, the air within disordered and the next bonfire could be seen as though through elemental omnioculars, leagues away.

Hermione’s attention shifted to her partner’s anchoring counterpoint. He’d sent the excess power bleeding off of the fire deep into the earth, gathered into a well of delicious tension.

Now to harness it...


Severus was sweating, irked and excited in equal measures.

The sheer power that was shifting through his Queen’s hands was terrifying, and she’d spun the fire — chaotic and destructive into a portal. Fire magic had long been used for transportation - hell, look at the floo network - but he’d never seen this spell built from the embers up.

A tendril of frizzy curl escaped his witch’s bound tresses. Bursts of magic crawled over her arms like strange little red spiders.

He laboured at her back to channel her magic spillover away safely.

Gods, she was so strong. So fucking beautiful.


This tricky part had seemed so simple to her intellectually. Use the magical tension of the fire and the ley line to give speed to the Fae.

The problem was making sure that she didn’t get sucked in while she crafted the spell, yet she needed to maintain the chant until the gate was sealed.

The fire wanted her, its pull insistent and seductive - growing in strength.

Whatever her partner was doing behind her was gently tugging in the opposite direction. She needed more.

Backing away from the gate, she sought the safe harbour of her husband’s body.

Help me.


A change in flow brought Severus out of the meditative state he’d achieved first, which was lucky, because his Queen’s soft backside made contact with his forwardmost thigh.

Puzzled, he reached out reflexively to support her hip with his free hand. She was obviously tense, trembling.

Beads of sweat ran down her delicate neck.

Her small hand clutched at his and he perceived her problem at last.

Worry entwined with irritation. If the daft witch had only discussed this beforehand!

He laced his fingers with hers, pulling her close. He would be the anchor she needed.

I have you, witch.


She could have cried out with relief, but she needed to concentrate. Envisioning clearly her intention, she reached down into the roiling well of magic seated deep in the earth below.

If she had to describe what she was doing, the closest thing would have been carding wool. To coax the chaos to order and in turn wind it tightly to her will.

As she worked she allowed herself to lean back against her mysterious Wizard. He was a solid presence, one she instinctively trusted.

Just a little bit... Ah. There.

The last piece of the spell snapped into place.


Blinking, Severus’ senses struggled to refocus as the spell ended. A low growl of irritation was cut off by the troublesome slip of baggage crumpling, her weight leaning entirely upon him.

“Are you alright?”

When she didn’t answer, he sheathed his wand so that he could hold her more firmly.

She was panting with exertion, and her eyes were bright with intelligence. She’d not fainted as he’d feared. In fact, she was smiling lopsidedly up at him. “Wow!”

The remainder of his anger drained away. Clearing his throat, he moved to set her down.

She stopped him with a kiss.


Hermione was elated, her heart bursting with the aftershocks of pyromancy. She’d always gotten a high from working with fire, but the sheer scale of what they’d just accomplished left her breathless.

She felt incredible. Alive with possibility.

When her wizard gathered her up with ease, she didn’t object. At least, not until he tried to put her down. Nope.

His lips were soft with shock, she noted as claimed her victory kiss. He was quick on the uptake too, responding in kind.

Husbands should be adaptable.

He tasted of mead, magic, and man. She savoured him with open mouth.

18 May 2019 @ 06:39 pm
Title: The Dance
Challenge: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Team: Death Eaters
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Characters: Hermione, Snape

It’s time for the school dance again and Professor Granger keeps an eye on the excited students.

Professor Snape stands at a distance from the other teachers, his expression unreadable.

She found herself approaching him, asking casually if he would like to dance.

Snape’s mouth tightened and expressions flickered across his pale face, all adding up to No before he says so.

Hermione blinked and moved on. The conversation, if you could call it that, only lasted seconds but felt humiliatingly long nevertheless.

The next day she found a short note of apology pushed under her door.

Hermione burned it.
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12 May 2019 @ 11:38 pm

Title: Beltane Fire

Team: Death Eaters

Rating: M

Challenge: Spring Fever

Characters: Severus Snape as The Green Man/May King and vessel of the God, Hermione Granger as May Queen and vessel of the Goddess, McGonagall as Priestess, Robin Goodfellow/Puck as himself and Priest.

Read more...Collapse )
12 May 2019 @ 04:02 pm
Dear GrangerSnape100-

Results, Week 19 Challenge:

Death Eaters: 10
The Order: 10

It's a Tie!

This week's challenge:

Member bonsaibetz has suggested a No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Challenge. Remember, we've lost the abilty to create new tags so please be clear in your header because I'm old, cranky, ginger, and above all - a Death Eater.

Sister Com Spam

sshg_smut (also run by me lol) is wanting to know if anyone is interested in a fest this year, of any kind. Want a comment fest, LDWS, full on fest? Go there and let me know.

Mod Spam - ARCHIVE

Don't forget to archive your work at the GrangerSnape100 archive at the Petulant Poetess. LJ stinks as a fic archive, and putting your work in a real archive will allow non GS100 members to enjoy them. You will also get more and different reviews.

You can also post your drabbles to FFN as an independent post. FFN has no categories for SS/HG or drabbles. A03 is another good option, and does have categories for drabbles and the SSHG ship.

Cross posting is always allowed.

Mod Spam- ART

We allow art on GS100 now based on the weekly challenges or as illustrations to other challenge posts.

The Odd Mod
11 May 2019 @ 08:28 am
Title: Rumours By The Gates
Team: Order of The Phoenix
Rating: G
Word count: 100
Challenge: Up In The Air
Characters: Hagrid and Minerva, Severus Snape and Hermione
Author’s Note: Yes, I did.

“Professor! Did you know?!” Hagrid co-opted one of the lace cloths from a side table, mopping at happy tears.

Minerva frowned up at the old softie from her chair by the fire. May it might be, but in Scotland it was still too cold for her aging bones.

“I was just minding me own business.”

Suppressing an eyeroll, Minerva harrumphed. “No doubt.”

“...and Snape had his hands on Professor Granger so I thought they was fighting. But they was kissin! A wedding for sure!”

Mentally prepared for calamity, Minerva’s hands shook. “What?”

“Baby Snapes about the castle. I canna wait!”
05 May 2019 @ 04:10 pm
Title: By the Gates
Challenge: Spring Fever/Up in the Air
Team: Death Eaters
Rating: G
A/N: Poser 11/Pixelmator. A late spring/early summer's evening on a late afternoon stroll, and all the hidden emotions have been spoken. Now the future is up in the air... Or is it?

By the GatesCollapse )
Dear GrangerSnape100-

Results, Week (loads) Challenge:

Death Eaters: 10
The Order: 320

The Order Wins!

This week's challenge:

Wanna keep with the spring theme? My sinuses don't, but my heart certainly does. stgulik's Taking to the Air Challenge seems to fit with it, or maybe it's just me. Remember, we've lost the abilty to create new tags so please be clear in your header because I'm old, cranky, ginger, and above all - a Death Eater.

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Don't forget to archive your work at the GrangerSnape100 archive at the Petulant Poetess. LJ stinks as a fic archive, and putting your work in a real archive will allow non GS100 members to enjoy them. You will also get more and different reviews.

You can also post your drabbles to FFN as an independent post. FFN has no categories for SS/HG or drabbles. A03 is another good option, and does have categories for drabbles and the SSHG ship.

Cross posting is always allowed.

Mod Spam- ART

We allow art on GS100 now based on the weekly challenges or as illustrations to other challenge posts.

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04 May 2019 @ 06:12 pm

Title: Beltane Fire 5 (Spring Fever Challenge)
Team: The Order of the Phoenix
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 500
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape. The Goddess. Minerva McGonagall.
Author Note: Seven drabbles didn't end as well, so I stopped at five this time. More to come.


She wished she could slow time, grip the moment tightly so that it couldn’t slip through her fingers before she’d fully contemplated it.

How could a man’s lips be so expressive? Earlier, his grin had been wicked -- challenging.

This smile made her insides melt. Happy, playful. Sexy.

Desperate to maintain her composure, she acknowledged the shadows within her, spotlighted by this stranger’s singular attention.

I’m being silly. There’s no man out there who’d smile at me like that  -- much less wed Hermione Granger.

Sweet child. It is your wedding day. Look down. The Green Man finds you... worthy.

Wait. What?!


Unable to resist the voice’s suggestion, she glanced downwards and her eyes widened as she took in the measure of the King’s manhood. That loincloth… kilt? It wasn’t hiding much.

He’s … he’s really interested in … me? He has no idea of who I am. A spark of doubt threatened to burn down her dreams. Please. Don’t play with me. I don’t think my heart can stand it.

Bell-like laughter filled her mind. Hermione, you invited me in. Surely you know who I am?

A dream? Or maybe I’ve developed a case of carbon monoxide poisoning from that fire...


My sweet, confused girl. This is real.

What have I done?

By opening your will to me you allow me to move through you into the world, work through you. I see differently through your eyes, Hermione. Our people and our land suffer, they need us. War blights magic, it must be reborn.

Pain clenched in her chest, slowing her heart rate.

I know, Goddess. Will it ever end? I… I’m so lost. So weary.

Compassion radiated from that gentle presence. You need not face everything alone. I will be with you. As will this one, if you let him.


How do you know? He doesn’t know anything about me.

You forget who I am. I see his soul, bright one.

The Goddess’ laughter rippled through her mind, wearing down the sharp edges of Hermione’s pain at the thoughts of deception, of imposing an obligation on the wizard.

He needs you as much as you need him. As much as our land and it’s people needs you both. Only through love and trust can this work be accomplished.

Dare she hope? The Goddess would not lie, she couldn’t.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m Hermione fucking Granger. Let’s do this!


Say the words, child. I too am impatient to meet and marry my God.

Hermione spoke, willing her voice steady. “As water, I shall soothe your hurts and wash away doubt with my love.”

“I accept your love, and in drinking your Divine Essence, I shall find my true self.”

Her eyes widened at the shocking innuendo.

A blue ribbon of light appeared in Hermione’s fingers and wrapped itself about their clasped arms. The hair on her arms stood up straight, for an electrifying wave of pure magic flowed through her from some unseen well within.

McGonagall choked and sputtered. 

02 May 2019 @ 09:07 pm
Title: Beltane Fire 4
Team: The Death Eaters
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 700
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape. Minerva McGonagall. Various deities, Puck.
Author Note: Breakin the law, breakin the law... at least I'm a spy so I'm writing for both sides. ;) Getting there. Thanks to i_am_havelocked for beta loving!


He smelled of moss and new leaves, but underneath was his scent: a heady tang of adult male musk. The way his nostrils flared thrilled Hermione. He was feeling something too!

His hand fascinated her; strong, and long-fingered, nails neatly squared.

She’d forgotten her scar until his palm covered it unflinchingly as they clasped forearm to forearm.

Those dark eyes raked over her, heated with open appreciation. Feeling ten times a fool, she let her eyes drop in a thin parody of modesty.

Her breath hitched in admiration. He’s so....magnificent.

His calloused thumb tenderly traced runes onto her soft skin.


McGonagall lifted her arms, and the noise of the crowd disappeared into a tense silence.

Raw energy pulsed within their circle. Magic’s own heartbeat.

“We gather in celebration. I greet you, May Queen. Welcome, Jack Green.”

As one the couple turned their heads to respond, breaking their silent communion.

“Goddess of Creation, older than the stars, first voice to raise in the song of this world, attend on us now. Our world and its people are weary, war-ravaged, and sickened. Help us burn anew.”

Minerva looked on in awe as Hermione recited words written nowhere but within her pure heart.


Licking her lips, Hermione raised her voice. “The Goddess within me cries out, invites the God within you closer!”

“Be King to her Queen, father to her sons, champion to my people, and companion to end this solitude.”

Why could her tongue speak truths before she herself knew them?

“Though for myself I love you, my people need you. Will you leave the freedom of youth and take up the burdens of King and Husband?”

One heartbeat. Two. She couldn’t count higher. Her heart fluttered like a caged pixie.

Fuck. She’d proposed to a complete stranger.

Worse, she’d meant it.


Sun-bright joy as he’d never known threatened to break the single thread of reason to which Severus clung.

She’d intended a handfasting. A year and a day, traditionally.

He’d thought this rite was to be symbolic. Shallowly mimicking below what the supplicants prayed for from above.

A chuckle sounded within his mind. “Yes, you do understand, don’t you? How amusing!”


“Your vessel has wit. Will you or won’t you? Choose!”

What if he chose not? What consequences? Merlin!

“The wheel will still turn. Summer will bless your land. Consider; I could do so much more if you allow it.”


The pressure of the hands on his shoulders increased a fraction. A handful of moments of true happiness rose from his memory, juxtaposed against the dark days of his present life.

His burden of guilt.

“Give me your pain, son. It has taught you wisdom, forged you with hammers into what you are today. Its power has allowed you to do great things, but in turn, it poisons your great soul.”

My soul is dark. Deeply flawed. Never great.

Puck laughingly mocked him, “So blind. Are you sure this dunderhead is the right one, Lord?”

Defiant, Severus made his decision.


A fey light shone from the Green Man’s eyes. His features were masked, unmoving for what felt an eternity. Even his thumb ceased its soothing caresses.

Had she said something wrong? She shut her eyes, summoning calm to stop the building spiral of panic and self-doubt within her.

At long last, he spoke in a rich baritone. “If this is your will, so it is also my will.”

Her eyes flew open and she wondered if she was dreaming.

That voice… that voice was unfair. Sinful. This wizard could undo her with spoken word alone.

Hermione prayed to never wake.


His grip on her arm firmed, anchoring himself in the moment.

“Together we will cast out darkness and decay. Your people are now my people. I lay down my freedom so I might stand at your side as King and servant. I bind myself to you and this land, and in so doing we bless one another.”

The little witch trembled, her eyes bright with emotion.

Puck whispered, “Smile at her, you great oaf.”

Casually, Severus shifted his weight and stepped backwards hard on the sidhe’s toe.

Warm laughter welled up within him, spilling over into a rare, true smile.

02 May 2019 @ 12:34 am

Title: Beltane Fire 3 (Spring Fever Challenge)
Team: The Order of the Pheonix
Rating: PG13 (sexual imagery, no lemons)
Word Count: 700
Characters: Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, and Puck.
Author's Note: Part 3 of the 1 I intended to do. Probably will be a fourth. Can't stay awake any longer to finish. Sorry!


Minerva McGonagall’s connection to this land, that of her mother’s and mother’s mother before her was deep. The stones of the highlands were as her own bones. This winter had been particularly hard, and the earth was stiff and arthritic with the cold.

The drumbeat and fire broke the silence. Rhythmic stomping of the surrounding crowds, the calls and screams was awakening… something Other.

Blinded by the fire as she was, she saw them immediately.

Earthly and aethereal, a royal procession approached, both mounted and on foot.

The fey returned at last, after a hundred years absence.

“Oh, blessed be!”


No one else marked the parade, although individuals who would have been in the way stepped aside unknowingly.

The procession halted at the Gate of Air, opposite to Minerva, where she stood ready at the Gate of Earth. A youth with a shining brow emerged from their number, and after offering his obeisance to the Queen approached. His smile was mischievous as he greeted Minerva as though he’d always known her.

“We have heard your call. We come to rejoin your kind.”

“Merry met, Robin Goodfellow!”

His sharp grin widened, “What a fascinating pair of souls dance for us tonight!”


This wasn’t something she’d read about in the library, but she knew what to do. Trailing tails of her white magelight wove about the fire, consecrating the circle. Her awareness of her dance partner was keen, and she’d noticed the intensity of his fine dark eyes.

After the war, she’d mourned. Her wounds and hurts darkened her days, and nightmares shattered her nights.

The beat of the drums quickened, but she did not feel hurried in the least. Magic burned bright within her, her heart shouted in joyful exultation.

Now is the winter of my people’s discontent. Welcome glorious summer!


Severus approached the Gate of Water, marking his last turning about the fire.  The drummers stopped, leaving his ears ringing in the sudden quiet. Across the flames and smoke he could see that the White Lady also had stopped.

She was a fair maid, her throat marked with a single line of vermilion that drew his eye downward. The soft curves of her alabaster bosom made his mouth water. His fingers twitched with desire and his cock strained against polite confinement.

A voice spoke to him. “Hail, green brother Summer. Your bride awaits through that fire. Shall I fetch her?”


“Puck! You return, then?”

Severus’ vision wavered as he listened. Strange to eavesdrop on a conversation carried on with his tongue by a being who tasted of sunlight.

“Bring only blessing to this circle. I’ve no use for mayhem, merry or no.”

A hearty laugh escaped the youth. Hands settled lightly on Severus’ shoulders, warm and solid. If he turned his head, he’d not see anyone.

“Peace. My Queen grants her blessing and I wish to please her. You desire to please your Lady, I see. Alas, I am distracting your vessel.”

McGonagall called, “Approach and say the words.”


Hermione tossed her blue flame to the fire before conjuring a carved horn goblet. It filled with a golden liquid that rippled as she moved forward. Her wand was tucked into her bodice, forgotten.

In spite of the warm spring night and the fire nearby, McGonagall was pale as she stood in her robes of mother’s green behind the stone altar.

Setting her offering carefully on the table, she kept her eyes fixed, watching a wand slide into place beside it. Birch. First tree to return after a forest fire. Renewal.

A breeze cooled her sweat-dampened skin, and she shivered.


Earlier, he’d bitterly admitted that this rite was as close as he was ever likely to come to a true wedding. Such bliss was not for one such as Severus Snape.

He harboured no expectations, no hope.

The fire dance broke the final bindings of his dark misgivings and he’d thrown himself into the role of the suitor of the May Queen.

They were clasping hands, and he struggled manfully for self-discipline for she had fantastic tits.  Sweet nipples peeked at him through a thin veil of silk.

He was utterly lost when he looked into her velvet brown eyes.

30 April 2019 @ 09:01 pm

Title: Beltane Fire 2

Team: Death Eaters

Rating: PG

Word Count: 500

Challenge: Spring Fever

Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape.

Author’s Note: By popular demand. Might be a third instalment. Also, sorry about the post, takedown, and repost. LJ is not my friend and wouldn't save my content. :(


The horned man moved about the fire with restrained predatorial grace. Strands of moss and ivy that veiled his form swirled about him as he twirled and dipped, his arms held wide in a show of strength.

He moved slowly, his pace matching the one that she’d maintained to the beat of the drums. She could feel them in her chest.

Panic gripped her as the energy of the circle gently guided her steps. Excitement lit up every nerve, thousands of points of lightning.

Yes, there was the attraction, yet she was hunted.

Part of her hoped to be caught.


Severus concentrated on the beat, letting the energy that was building in the circle course through him. He resisted the compulsion to chase, to catch the delicious witch representing his opposite for the ceremony.

Too soon done, love surely not won.

A throaty laugh escaped him as he completed the first turn about the fire. With a leap he vanished the first of seven swathes of dull winter shroud, revealing his left flank. His back sang joyfully as the night air breathed over hot skin.

He was born for this night.

Through the dance the God woke within him.


As Hermione passed the earth gate for the third time, the scent of fragrant flowers washed over her. Petals fluttered across her vision. Her crown was changing on her head. What wonderful magic!

Inhaling deeply, she began to relax. Her body knew what to do instinctually.

Confidence blossomed within her, and she knew with all of her heart that this was well.

Watch how he moves for us.

The tall wizard’s back was exposed, and she admired the ripple of muscle, painted symbols danced therein too.

Twirling, he caught her gaze with a wicked smirk.

Why was he familiar?


Sunwise, Severus spun and leapt about the flame, for each turn setting loose another curtain of obscuring moss and ivy. The drumbeat quickened his progress.

The Goddess glowed, radiant. Enticing. She was the embodiment of renewal, of purity. The land needed her, the people needed her. He needed her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that she too was twirling, both fists cradling balls of blue-light witchfire. Her robes fluttered, a blooming crown trailing petals of white behind her. He redoubled his efforts to land with soft feet, to please her.

Fragile petals of hope, precious blessings.


Hermione knew what would happen next. Not from books, but deep inside. Perhaps it was the Goddess? It mattered not.

She was strong, beautiful. Magical. The quiet presence within her coaxed her senses, widening her awareness of the land, marred with black energy. Deep, iron cold pockets of poisoned power shrunk before the light of her new eyes.


But what question? “I want to help. Please.

Compassion welled up within her, love and sorrow intertwined.

Black pain called to her from across the fire, mirroring her own.

Together they will push back the darkness.  

Not with light, with fire.
23 April 2019 @ 12:53 am
Title: Beltane Fire
Team: Order of the Pheonix
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Challenge: Spring Fever
Characters: Hermione Granger, Severus Snape. Cameos by Poppy Pomfrey and Fred Weasley.
Author's Note: I wanted to write something about May Day and I thought to myself, "What's going on over at grangersnape100" and I noticed this. It took a lot of restraint to stop where I did. I think, dear reader, it is an excellent set up for any number of fantasies. The place I attended for undergraduate has a May Day tradition of nudity. I have fond memories of almost exclusively boys doing things like playing golf on the green (which was not a course) without pants and the whole lacrosse team running about campus with only their helmets on.


When the village of Hogsmeade invited her to be a White Lady, Hermione went to the library.

The role pleased her law abiding nature, as she would protect the May Queen from the Red men and the dangerous beasts. The embodiment of love: ready to protect. She would carry her rod of rowan, screeching warnings, free to hex any who dared threaten the natural progress of the Goddess.

Tomorrow would be the 6th anniversary of the Battle, time enough then to mourn.
Tonight, she’d welcome the return of Summer with dance and pyromancy.

Fate had so much more in mind.


Old Man Winter, Dark Lord Samhain suited Snape, but the mask of the Green Man dismayed him. It was one thing to watch others go through the motions, to participate in a supporting role, but the ceremony last October was more than ritual. Severus’ magic rose to the occasion; freed to be entirely masculine and gloriously feral that night.

Anonymous behind the mask of magic, he’d excelled in the role, for what wizard was darker or more powerful than he?

Tonight he’d be reborn as Winter died in holy fire. Pledge himself to the Goddess.

He hoped she was comely.


Disaster! The May Queen had been cursed and was being worked upon at St Mungo’s. “Granger, change quickly. We’ve only 20 minutes.”

“What?! No, I haven’t prepared?”

“Did you not wash with the rest of the maids in the dew this morning.”

“Of course!”

“And have you reason to believe you’re with child, dear?”


Poppy Pomfrey smiled tightly at Hermione. “I forget that Gryffindors are embarrassed by natural magic. You are the only witch already in white who is single. You’ve talent with pyromancy, yes?”

“Of course, but...”

“Get changed!” Poppy’s heart sang with the rightness of it all.


“What the buggering fuck is wrong with you, Mr Weasley?” Severus had no compunction in using foul language with the wanker who’d just pressed a mug into his hand.

Through the blue wode, Fred Weasley’s cheeks burned. “Well, sir. You’re going to need a bit of fortification.”

Taking a sniff at the offering, Severus glared at the lad. Whiskey. Cheap Whiskey. “Shouldn’t you be in red, Weasley?”

“That’ll be Bill and Charlie. Angelina’s calling. Good luck, sir.”

Severus dumped the drink into a bush nearby. He’d never trust a drink given him by a Weasley twin.

He wanted his wits.


Hermione felt the magic of the circle calling to her as she approached. Barefoot, she made a prayer of every step. For renewal, for love, and for children to be born. Rumours of a marriage act fanned the fervor of her pleas.

Let her be the Goddess’ instrument, so that others might blossom and bear fruit.

Her skin tingled, pleasant warmth flowing through her as though she’d drank several shots of mead while flirting with a handsome man.

Opposite her, a tall masked wizard in shabby robes bowed greeting. “My Goddess.”

His black eyes set her soul ablaze.