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Ladymage Samiko


Title: 180
Challenge: Rose & Scorpius
Team: Spying for Ebon-cloakèd Ladies
Words: 100
Rating: G
Char: Severus, Turia Snape, Titus Snape, (Scorpius)
AN: I decided to use the twins from Unexpected Events for this one.


Turia frowned at the letter, an act not unnoticed by her family.

"Malfoy being horrid again?" her twin, Titus, queried, eyebrow lifted. "Want me to hex him for you? Hold him while you hex?"

"No…" she replied doubtfully, examining the writing. "I don't think so."

"You don't think so?" Severus looked at his sixteen-year-old daughter, his own eyebrow mirroring his son's. Like his wife, Turia was usually quite… decisive.

"Depends on whether he's serious or having me on." She shrugged, handing the parchment over. "He's gone from hate mail to love letters."

"You hold, I'll hex," Severus told his son.
Tags: iqeret, rose snape and scorpius malfoy challenge
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