Amazone of the West (faris_eirin) wrote in grangersnape100,
Amazone of the West

Teacher and Student

Title: Teacher and Student
Team Name: (still) spying for the Order
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Challenge: Stains
Characters: Hermione/Severus...
Authors Notes: I woke up last night with this in mind... of course I didn't manage to post it before the next challenge was published. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

"Make sure you cut them with the grain, not against it," Snape muttered as he adjusted the flame, "I don't want another stain on the table."

The girl nodded and turned the roots.

"Now... tell me why you have to use a copper knife for Potentilla and not a silver one?" he asked looking over to her.

She had to think a moment for the right answer, chewing her bottom lip. Snape couldn't suppress a soft chuckle – she was so much like her mother.

Hermione, watching them from the door, felt her heart warm at the sight. Teacher for life.


P.S.: Sorry for the lip-chewing ;)
Tags: faris_eirin, stain challenge
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