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Week 8 Results, Week 9 Challenge

Dear GrangerSnape100-

Week 8 Results, Week 9 Challenge

It is a tie.  The worst possible kind of tie, if you ask me, 0 for DE and 0 for the order.  There was not a single drabble posted in the last week.

This week's challenge:

Let's see if we can shake things up a bit and get the words flowing.  Member bulletimescully has requested a challenge that I think you all will find hard to resist... fornicate or die.  Yup you read that right they have to do it or die.  Who is doing it with who?  Remember though this is Granger Snape 100 so we need to see the ship to count the points.  You will find "fornicate or die challenge" in the drop down box.

Mod Spam - ARCHIVE

Don't forget to archive your work at the GrangerSnape100 archive at the Petulant Poetess. LJ stinks as a fic archive, and putting your work in a real archive will allow non GS100 members to enjoy them. You will also get more and different reviews.

GS100 drabbles can be archived on OWL. For Owl you load your drabbles under SS/HG and use a tags/identifiers: Snape/Granger 100, Snapshot/Drabble.

Please note that OWL is moderated, so make sure your writing had been through a beta.

You can also post your drabbles to FFN as an independent post. FFN has no categories for SS/HG or drabbles.

Cross posting is always allowed.

Mod Spam- ART

We allow art on GS100 now based on the weekly challenges or as illustrations to other challenge posts.

Happy Writing
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