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Week 10 Results, Week 11 Challenge

Dear GrangerSnape100-

 Week 10 Results, Week 11 Challenge

Order wins with 90 to Death Eater’s 25.

Welcome new members to GS100!


This week's challenge:

Member droxy has requested a “Sytherin Firsties” challenge.   What mayhem or heroics will  Slytherin Firsties cause our duo?  First years have their own set of challenges.  This challenge can go fluffy or dramatic. 

This challenge is tagged "slytherin firsties challenge" in the tag drop down list.

Mod Spam - ARCHIVE 

Don't forget to archive your work at the GrangerSnape100 archive at the Petulant Poetess.  LJ stinks as a fic archive, and putting your work in a real archive will allow non GS100 members to enjoy them.  You will also get more and different reviews.  


 GS100 drabbles can be archived on OWL.  For Owl you load your drabbles under SS/HG and use a tags/identifiers:  Snape/Granger 100, Snapshot/Drabble.

 Please note that OWL is moderated, so make sure your writing had been through a beta.

 You can also post your drabbles to FFN as an independent post.  FFN has no categories for SS/HG or drabbles.

 Cross posting is always allowed.

Mod Spam- ART

 We allow art on GS100 now based on the weekly challenges or as illustrations to other challenge posts.


The Dark Mod
DE Second Class

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