I'm not gay, but $20 is $20. (mywitch) wrote in grangersnape100,
I'm not gay, but $20 is $20.

Cherry Tarts

Title: Cherry Tarts
Team Name: Death Eaters nom nom nom
Word Count: (100)
Rating: G
Challenge: Old Joke
Characters: Severus & Hermione
Authors Notes: a sharp, b flat

After many long, lovely years with his very practical, very beautiful witch, Hermione, Severus Snape lies on his deathbed. Goodbyes have been said, all the children, grandchildren and friends have come and gone. Just one thing left to do. Rest.


Severus can smell Hermione in the kitchen, making cherry tarts, his favorite. With his last bit of strength, he heaves himself out of bed, crawls down the hallway and into the kitchen.

Severus reaches up from the floor to grab a tart when – SMACK! Hermione hits his hand with a wooden spoon. “Hands off! Those are for the funeral!”
Tags: old joke challenge
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