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Assuming the Obvious

Title: Assuming the Obvious
Death Eaters
Word count: 100
Rating: G
Characters: Severus/Hermione, Remus
Challenge: Week 19- It's not what it looks like Challenge
A/N: You may blame the English/Latin translator for my sad attempt at a spell at the end of the drabble.

"Ow. My foot!"

Severus stared at the closed door. Was that Hermione's voice?



"Move your hand."


"No, ow! That's it. Either you tell Tonks, or I will."

"“Hermione, please."

Didn't last night mean anything to the witch?

The door opened to revel Hermione and Lupin...dancing?


"You're dancing?"

"Trying to."

Lupin blushed. "I never learned. I"d rather not cripple Tonks at our wedding."

"I see. Well, carry on." Severus snickered, Lupin clumsier than Tonks. "Abeo-ut-chalybs-pedis."

It wasn't until Remus stepped on her foot again that Hermione figured out what Severus had whispered when leaving: change to steel-toed.
Tags: 2007 challenges, not what it looks like challenge, pearle9240
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