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Payback's a Witch

Title: Payback's a Witch
Team: The Order
Rating: PG
Challenge: Condemned
Characters: Albus, Severus/Hermione
Word Count: exactly 100
A/N Well, if tomorrow is the beginning of the end of my beloved ship, I want to go down in style in my favorite place to post—one that’s never been anything but fun, and for that we can all thank our beloved Dark Mod. So this is for you, Droxy.

“How can I be condemned for all that I’ve done if my intentions were good?”

Hermione didn’t slow down but simply gripped the portrait of the Headmaster tighter against her side. “Whose good? Severus’s? Two years. Two years of condemnation, of having to walk the line between both sides whilst you slept and nodded your head. My husband was tortured by both sides and came close to death. You’re very lucky I don’t chop you into kindling.”

Hermione carefully hung the portrait beside another. “Enjoy your new home, Albus.”

Hermione grinned as the portrait of Mrs Black began to screech.
Tags: condemned challenge, harmony_bites
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