dreamy_dragon73 (dreamy_dragon73) wrote in grangersnape100,

The Present

Team Name: Spy for the Death Eaters
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: No Dialogue
Characters: Hermione/Severus
Authors Notes: My first post to this community *is nervous*

For once in her life, Hermione was completely and utterly speechless as she stared at her birthday present. Severus had given her a potions book. His potions book that he had reconstructed from memory. As the numerous pages in his characteristic, elegant handwriting clearly showed, he hadn’t used magic, and she couldn’t even begin to imagine how many countless hours he had spent to make this for her. Looking up, she smiled at him.
Severus gave her one of his own rare smiles. The indulgent look in her eyes was a better reward than anything she could have said.

Tags: dreamy_dragon73, no dialog challenge
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