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Not what she expected...

Title:  Not what she expected…

Team Name: Spy for the Order 

Word Count: 100

Rating: G

Challenge: senses

Characters: Hermione/Severus

Authors Notes: I don’t own the characters! The lovely JK Rowling has that privilege. Thanks to lux_astraea for all her help. All mistakes are mine.



“No, Hermione! I’m not going,” he snapped. Her strong hands continued kneading the tight muscles of his neck making him sigh with pleasure.


“Please, Severus. I’ll do anything,’ she purred. Her deft fingers crept to his head, making him melt to her will. “Anything you desire. I promise.”


“Anything?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “And all I have to do is have dinner with the Potters?”


She smirked, confident the night would end in pleasure for them both.


“Do you know what I really want, Hermione?” he whispered in her ear, enjoying the game. “I really want… a foot massage.”


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Tags: geminiscorp, the senses challenge
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