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Subtle Seduction

Title:  Subtle Seduction

Team Name: Spy for the DE's

Word Count: 100

Rating: PG

Challenge:  Anticipation

Characters: Hermione/Severus


Authors Notes: I don’t own the characters! The lovely JK Rowling has that privilege. Thanks to lurkerfromoz for her answer to my call for prompts. Her prompt was 'he looked away'. Not beta'd so please excuse my mistakes.



Her petite right hand swirled the contents of her firewhiskey with a languid twist of the wrist, her left fingered one of her numerous curls twisting and pulling on a tendril of honeyed silk. These small movements had him mesmerized, inappropriate images coming unbidden to his mind. She spoke huskily, breaking him from his silent reflection, and stood removing her cloak with a quip that his quarters were much to warm. Her legs crossed as she sat showing the creamy white of her thigh. He looked away and smiled to himself. Ms Granger had learned the subtle art of seduction.
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