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Gnomical Ornaments

Title: Gnomical Ornaments
Team Name: Death Eaters
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Challenge: decorating challenge
Characters: Hermione, Severus, 2 OMC
Author's Notes: Thanks to dacian_goddess for betaing so quickly. This drabble is situated in the Dad's Prosthesis and No Serenity Tonight's universe.


“What is this?” Severus bellowed at the sight of the golden gnomes decorating the lounge.

“Oh, that?” Hermione answered. “The boys brought them back from the Burrow. George and Ron had them bewitched in memory of Fred and offered them to our sons.”

Severus scowled. “They are hideous. I thought our sons would have more taste than that.”

“And you’re famous for being the reference in decorating, aren’t you?”

“Perhaps.” And Severus waved his wand.

“What’s that?” Albus and Aurelius exclaimed as they came into the lounge later that day and stared with bulging eyes at the now black gnomes.
Tags: decorating challenge, septentrion1970
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