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Title: Haunted
Team Name: Spy for the Order
Word Count: 3x100
Rating: G
Challenge: Haunted House challenge
Characters: Hermione, Severus, Rose Weasley
A/N: Post-DH, includes spoilers.

‘Mum! Guess what?’

‘Hello to you too,’ said Hermione, as her daughter skidded to a halt and took the seat beside her in The Three Broomsticks, visibly struggling to contain her excitement.

‘The Shrieking Shack! It’s haunted! Really haunted!’

‘Don't be silly, Rose. It’s never been haunted. It was only a rumour.’

‘But it is! Albus and I just went to take a look inside, and there was this really weird noise, like someone was crying. And then we saw a ghost, a really scary, angry looking ghost! I’m not so sure, but Albus swears it looked like Headmaster Snape!’

* * *

Once Rose had finished her lunch and said goodbye to her mother, Hermione had time to consider the news.

She didn’t know whether to believe Rose or not – on the one hand, she was sure her daughter really had seen something – or someone – but on the other, neither Rose nor young Albus Potter had ever seen the late Headmaster alive. Only on some old photos, but that was a long time ago, and neither her nor Harry’s family made a habit of showing the kids pictures of Snape.

‘Well,’ she thought. ‘There’s just one way to find out for sure.’

* * *

When Hermione entered the Shrieking Shack, it was quiet. And dark. There was barely any light coming from the windows – no wonder, as it was late November and the sun was already setting.

‘Anyone here?’ she called out, feeling vaguely silly for asking questions of an empty house.

Upstairs, the floorboards creaked.

As a sudden gust of wind closed the door with a loud bang, Hermione jumped, only to admonish herself for being scared of nothing. Until she heard a voice – one she had not heard for over two decades but could never forget.

‘That depends on who is asking.’

On to parts 4-6.
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