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Crime and Punishment

Title: Crime and Punishment
Team Name: Death Eater
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Bookmark challenge
A/N: I've lingered away from gs100 long enough.  It's about time I get to writing more!  Cheers to a new resolution! =)

There she sat, in his office, awaiting her punishment.  All she could do now is hope that he wouldn’t take this to the headmaster. 

Severus looked up from the parchment, his eyes meeting Hermione’s.  He began to read:


“‘I were to pick one man with whom I’d prefer to share the sensual experience of becoming a woman, it would be Severus Snape.  His Byron-like stature and intelligence makes him the most amiable man in my eyes.’ signed, Hermione J. Granger.”


“You were fully aware that the textbook copy where you stored this letter is my personal copy; correct, Miss Granger?”


Hermione blushed and nodded meekly.


“Then I expect two rolls of parchment tomorrow on how the process you’ve stated in the letter would commence.  Explicit detail is mandatory.”

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