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What Makes an Accident

Title: What Makes an Accident
Team Name: Death Eaters
Word Count: 2*100
Rating: PG
Challenge: caught!, potions, prank
Characters: Hermione, Severus, Albus, Ron
Author's Notes: Thanks to dacian_goddess for betaing lightning-fast. Translation (more like adaptation actually) of a couple of drabbles in French written for hp_100_mots HERE if you're interested.


“It was an accident,” Severus bellowed. “How could I guess that my glass contained Polyjuice tainted with Weasley’s essence instead of pumpkin juice? And that Miss Granger would mistake me for her paramour and ‘jump’ me before I could protest?”

“And you were unable to protest for an hour?” Dumbledore retorted.

Severus blushed and averted his eyes.

“I should probably suppose that the Polyjuice found its way into your glass by mistake too?”

“You very well know…”

“I know, Harry and Malfoy admitted to committing the prank. Now, I’d like to know what your intentions are for your unborn child.”


“It was an accident,” Hermione yelled. “How could I have known it was Snape Polyjuiced into you?”

“Do I ever wear billowing black robes?” Ron replied.

Hermione blushed and averted her eyes.

“I didn’t really pay attention to the clothes,” she whispered, remembering how quickly they’d been discarded.

“Tell me, what did you pay attention to?”

It should have been physiologically impossible, but Hermione got redder. As an echo, Ron’s ears took a similar shade.

“You’re just a scarlet woman!”

Hermione’s right hand left a permanent mark on the young man’s cheek. He should never have insulted a pregnant woman.
Tags: caught! challenge, potions challenge, prank challenge, septentrion1970
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