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Title: Stuck
Series Drabble Challenge
Team: Deatheater of course
Words: 113 - 13 for exact phrasing = 100
Rating: G
Characters: Snape & Granger-Snape, duh
Authors Notes: This is only my 2nd drabble. Please be kind.
To be included:
1. Hermione forbids Snape to use magic.
2. "That was my favorite ..."
3. Dobby tries to help
4. tea kettle
5. Dumbledore meddling
6. stuck

“Severus Snape! Don’t you dare pull that wand. You made this mess sans magic; fix it without!” Hermione snapped. “Sweet Merlin, I was gone for 2 hours.”
“That’s the last time I’ll have Albus Dumbledore meddling in our business! He’s the one who sent Dobby.” her husband growled back. Adjusting his deep voice to the disturbing squeak of a house-elf, he said, “Dobby tries to help Master Snape! A tea kettle! That was my favorite toy for Master Malfoy’s son. He loved it so much!” His voice slid back into his own. “How was I to know our son would get his finger stuck?”
“He may be smart, Severus, but he’s only three.”
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