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Hermione and Severus, 100 Words at a time.

Prudence and Potions

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Hermione and Severus, 100 words at a time!
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Granger-Snape 100 Word Drabble Community
In the spirit of hp100, a place to write and read 100 word drabbles about Hermione Granger and Severus Snape. New Sister Communities snupin100(second challenge posted).

Affiliates: hphg100,hd100,snape100, grangerblack100, lupin100, hermione100, neville100, slytherin100, ginny_draco100, hp100, luna100, dungeons100, regulus_100, romancingwizard, lily100, sirius_n_pansy, celebrate_sshg. The FQF link prudentpotions

The Fic Archive "The Petulant Poetess" was kind enough to create an archive for members's drabbles in 2006. They now have a podcast site. See the link list on the entry page.

GS100 was present at Terminus in Chicago and Phoenix Rising-

GS100 was present at Portus in Dallas, TX.

Also Prophecy, and Azkatraz, and Infinitus

Welcome to the GrangerSnape100 Information page. We are a Harry Potter writing community dedicated to 100 word challenge fictions dedicated to pairing the characters Hermione Granger and Severus Snape. Any romantic involvement between Hermione and Severus assumes the characters are of age in their country of origin, England.

Droxy is the standing Mod with ShaphireTragedy and Irishredlass69 now. Blackaces924 is the retired Order Leader. Come and join the fun!

Spoiler Policy

Please click here and reply to the spoiler policy located in that post. Spoiler policy for Book 7, is not in effect anymore.
Since book 7 is the last, I don't see a need anymore. :D


1. Order of the Phoenix: For those who like to bend the rules a bit, but always have the greater good at heart.
2. Death Eaters: For those who like to explore the darker side of things.
3. Spys: Can work both sides of the fence.

Please see the links section to find the list of teams. Choose your team and leave a comment so I can add you to the list.


1. All drabbles must be Hermione/Severus. The ship cannot be broken. Any drabbles not written in this ship will be removed by the moderator. You just have to weave in thier relationship somehow. This means that each 100 word drabble must mention ss/hg by name not by the implied use of he or she pronouns.

2. All ratings allowed, but anything R and NC-17 has to be put under an LJ cut.

3. Post as many drabbles as you wish, but in multiple entries, any drabble after the first one should be put under an LJ cut.

4. All drabbles should have the following heading:
NEW RULE Team Name:
Word Count: (100)
Characters: (Hermioine/Severus) and whomever else.
Authors Notes:

AND please put the title, titles of the drabble in the subject line. If you have more than one, please separate them in the following manner: Title One/Title Two.... Just so it makes it easier to read.

5. You may post a response to any challenge in the community. A new challenge will be posted every Sunday.

6. No Flaming. The present mod will hex you.

7. No Crossovers.

8. Crossposting of your drabbles is allowed.

9. No drabble lifting without Author's permission.

10. You don't have to post every week to be a member.


Thanks to the Lovely Melanie and Pearle for the site icons!

I would like to thank perselus, for allowing me to use her great artwork, lux_astraea, for sending me the Dark Mark picture, and babyelefant at gewusst_wie, for her help in fixing some coding problems.

Credits go to hobbitholes for the animated LJ user tiny icon. I admit it's not easy to see what it is. It's an animated SS/HG tiny icon. If you want one for your own LJ, have a look at this LINK; http://hobbitholes.livejournal.com/18964.html it's full of HP tiny icons.

Mod Notes

On a whole, I run this site for fandom fun. I started writing here and I keep it friendly for people new to the fandom or new to writing fanfiction or drabbles. Our group has fun with the team point system and there is a healthy, good natured rivalry between the teams. Go Death Eaters!

The Dark Mod
DE 2nd Class

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