Tags: werewolf challenge



Title: Howl
Team Name: Order of the Phoenix
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: Werewolf
Characters: Hermione/Severus

A/N - not beta'd. You may see a continuation of this in future drabble subissions. I'm taking advantage of the Droxy family's holiday weekend filled with potions.

He blamed himself. She refused to tell him what happened when the Snatchers found them, but whatever it was left a dark spot on her soul.

Why she decided to take on Greyback was beyond logic. Even the lauded Princess wasn’t capable of stopping a monster like him.

She had transformed before two weeks had passed. Even with the Wolfsbane, her suffering was more than he could bear. At her request he locked her in the basement. He could still hear her screams of pain, then her snarls and growls. By the morning’s sun, her sobs had broken his faith.
hpcon_envy, SS/HG


Title: Overheard
Team Name: Spying for *tosses coin* the Order
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: Werewolf (which I didn't see in the tags, did I miss it?)
Characters: Hermione/Severus

"It's true!" The boy exclaimed, before the librarian shushed him from nearby. He whispered to the others around the table, pretending to study. "I was sneaking back from Hogsmede when I heard it in there. There was some scrabbling, and groans like someone in pain or something, then there was a scream, and howling, like it'd caught someone!"

The other boys looked on with wide eyes. Everyone now knew the true history of the Shrieking Shack, and they wondered who amongst them could be using it now.

Later, Librarian Granger remarked to Headmaster Snape, "We forgot the Silencing Charms, again."